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Rate decrease of 35% in HuGO Debt

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Did you know that 80% of clients who are accepted for HuGO Life Insurance receive an automatic offer for HuGO Debt Insurance with no additional questions?

A big plus to offer for your clients!

Acceptance in standard life insurance = automatically accepted for disability debts insurance without an exclusion or rating.

With HuGO you can have it all!

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More than 65% of clients are accepted on the spot in less than 1 hour. Their policy is delivered to their home in just a few days. If you are referred to our expert underwriting team, you will find a customized process allowing us to focus only on what’s important to your personal circumstances.

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HuGO offers fully underwritten guaranteed Term Life Insurance that is renewable, convertible, and exchangeable. There are no Pre-existing Condition Clauses or Deferral Periods so you may rest assured knowing your full protection is in place immediately.

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When something is convenient and comprehensive, you often expect to pay a higher price. Not with HuGO! HuGO is competitively priced with two renewal options allowing you to decide what is best for your budget - today and tomorrow.

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The intelligent way to purchase insurance

HuGO offers competitively priced, comprehensive, high quality insurance with an intelligent online selection process allowing us to issue insurance policies quicker than ever before.

The majority of HuGO’s clients are approved in less than 45 minutes…many in 15 minutes or less.
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