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HuGO Critical Illness Insurance

A promotional offer on HuGO Life

A critical illness generally involves a long recovery, a loss of incomes and increased expenses. With the $25,000 tax-free lump sum payment made to you upon diagnosis of one of the 25 critical illnesses covered under the policy, your HuGO insurance will give you peace of mind so you can focus on your recovery.

In addition, you’ll benefit a free support program from Teladoc Medical Experts which gives you access to the best experts and medical care all over the world!

For more information on critical illness insurance, please contact your financial advisor.

Benefits available


Age limit upon purchase

Available to persons 18 to 59 years old (inclusive). At last birthday.

Contract duration

Term of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years, same term chosen in life insurance T75 if not available.


Guaranteed up to age 75.


Conversion up to age 60.

Contract type

  • The premium is guaranteed for the duration of the contract.
  • Premiums are waived in case of disability if chosen in HuGO Life.

Illnesses covered

25 illnesses covered (non life-threatening cancer: lump-sum amount of $2,500). Refer to the critical illness insurance specimen document for the exact definition of the conditions covered.

Survival period

30 days. (Certain conditions require a longer period. Please refer to your contract.).

Moratorium period

90 days for cancer.

Teladoc Medical Experts

Includes the following 4 services: Find a Doctor, Care Finder, Personal Health Navigator and Expert Medical Opinion. Consult the brochure for full details.


As designated by the policyholder.

Exclusions and restrictions

There are no pre-existing conditions. Refer to the critical illness insurance policy specimen document for full details.